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Walking on sunshine?

Wow I am madly, madly in love with this warm weather.
Today the sun is shining, I woke up to the sound of birds at six am [I miss that during the winter!!!], I have my window cranked open and Marcela and I going down to Niagara Falls to shop.
11°C is the most fantastic March weather in the world!
Even this song [haha I typed snog by accident XD] is making me thrilled with existing!
Dear friends,

My best friend's mum, aka sweetest entrepreneur in the entire world, is having an open house for Easter. I know a lot of you don't live anywhere near me, but, she does deliver and her prices are extraordinary for having hand painted, hand crafted chocolates!

Please check out Visions of Chocolate or send this along to a friend and help a friend of a friend!

Easter Open House Thursday March 26 2009

We will be having an Open House on Thursday, March 26, 2009 from 2pm till 8pm.
We are located at 27 Pine Street, Welland. Off Niagara Street, across from St. Kevin's Church. Come buy or order your special Easter chocolates; we have some new designs to choose from. Help create your own chocolate basket filled with goodies. See you soon.

thank God....

....for ONTD on extremely boring days like this!

secrets are not so secretive afterall

I messed up my LJPostSecret secret twice before getting it right [they're definitely not going to post it I have a feeling...]
...I totally forgot to comment anonymously the first time and then used the photobucket version of my picture the second time around...damn.

This is the One...?

This song is amazing and makes me sing at the tops of my lungs.
Happy St. Patrick's Day friends.
I can't effing wait for this CD to come out, though, granted it's somewhat on the same caliber of Exodus and that was a buggering train wreck.
But I must continue my undying support for Hikki in North America [this will be CD #7 :D]

Track List:

Dirty Desire - shite. This song will not grow on me. ever.
On And On - another song that will probably slowly, slowly, slowly grow on me, but, it'll take a lot of listens. It makes me want to drive for some reason!
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI - has grown on me, but, I'm still not madly in love with it.
Apple And Cinnamon - love love love this song. it makes me insanely happy.
Taking My Money Back - ugh. just ugh.
This One (Crying Like A Child) - hell this song makes me cry like a child; I hate finding songs that I can relate to because it makes me feel like an emo kid [especially because it makes me cry].... It's beautiful, it's classic Hikki that we've fallen in love with from day one, it's just lovely.
Automatic Part II - Reminds me NOTHING of Automatic. This song has the word, "Califunky" in it. Perhaps this is the newest Easy Breezy blunder? I love you Hikki, but honest to god, you sing about MySpace in this song...
Poppin' - Very retro sounding, very, James Bond shall I say? Unfortunately this another prime example of English-style Utada-style music. Damn.
Come Back To Me - this song makes me relatively happy inside; I've grown to like it over the past few months.
Me Muero - there is something about this song that I like; I think it's the beat at the beginning that makes me so amused, though, I feel like I need to keep all pills away from Hikki henceforth and forever more [ now and then I'm suicidal, flirting with a new temptation, happiness inside a bottle; is what I need today] I love the way she sings, "me muero" though.

LJ Secret

I'm going to send in a secret to LJ Secret on Wednesday afternoon I think...

oy vey

I just want the results...

This week has been insane in the membrane...

Monday: I can't even remember Monday; besides buying new shoes sadly.
Tuesday: Tom signs his life away literally and makes his will for Afghanistan. Sat on the highway overpasses to welcome home a very special man.
Wednesday: waste of a day [at work for 11 hours]
Thursday: Supposed to get picked up by Tom and have a drink with the boys for once [I go every week but refuse to drink even one drink if I'm driving. Damn morals.] He didn't pick me up or let me know that he wouldn't be picking me up. Went out for Starbucks with my sister though.
Friday: Had to deal with my douche bag excuse of a boss all day. It's my Babcia's birthday today and I miss her so, so, so badly. Remembered my love for the taste of Blistex [yes the lip stuff] because my lips are still chapped from Tuesday. Seriously this stuff tastes effing amazing!

----- holy hell I wish you all could see the moon right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's yellow and red and low in the horizon and amazing. Anyhow moving on ----

Tomorrow: Funeral for Warrant Officer Brown. It's going to be heart breaking. Enough said.

Tomorrow's schedule:

Seven thirty am: Wake up, get showered, dressed, etc. etc.
Text message fellow army spouses to see if they need rides.
Eight am: have hair blow dryed and hopefully on it's way to being straightened.
Eight twenty am: be done with everything: get last minute things done [mobile/tissues/camera for reception afterwards]
Eight thirty am: Grab a quick coffee maybe? Text Tom and let him know where I am on my schedule.
Nine am : Get going to St Catharines and PRAY that I can find parking.
Noon/thirteen hundred hours: Wait for mourning parade to LSA?
Fourteen hundred hours: Find one of the many spots around the Lake Street Armouries that have footage of the funeral [long story on this part].

Hopefully this goes off without a hitch, but, I'm thinking because they're expecting at bare minimum a thousand people [estimates at bordering five thousand] something will go wrong.